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Kuya Fish Campaign Summer T.I.D.E. 2016 Activities


I got to know Kuya Fish Campaign through Kris. I met her online a few years back. We met in person a few times more since we move around the same circle of friends and we go to the same church. This gal has a big heart for volunteerism. I admire her undying love in helping children especially those coming from unfortunate circumstances. Kuya Fish Campaign started during the Sendong tragedy here in…
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Found Our Homeschool Provider


I have been fascinated about homeschooling for many years now. It was not until last year (2015) that my eldest and I have decided to give it a try. I was in Vietnam doing my volunteer work when we thought about it. So, we decided to do some research. My eldest was fascinated by the fact that travelling was possible for homeschoolers. She loved the idea so much that most…
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Get Your TESOL Certification Course in Cebu City, Philippines

TESOL Certification Course

A lot of people have found passion in teaching English in many places, especially in Asia. This is the reason why TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Certification Course is in demand right now. If you’ve noticed, there are many websites and schools that offer this course, but not all of them are alike. Taken in STK ta Bai!, a famous restaurant in Cebu, Philippines. One of the best…
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Diagnostic Tests for My Future Homeschoolers


I started administering the diagnostic tests given to us by our “future” homeschool provider to my children. My son (12 y.o.) is already 100% decided, but my youngest daughter doesn’t take anything seriously (she is 6) as of now. Future Homeschooler – Grade 7 Future Homeschooler – Grade 1 We are not yet done. I decided not to give it to them all in one day. We are taking our…
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